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Did you know? We offer in-person and virtual training to accommodate your needs. Coming later this year, we will have a library of eLearning available. 

Real World Training

We use innovative training techniques, allowing us to create safe learning environments for participants to try out new skills, build trust with facilitators and peers, and have fun while learning. Participants leave with a plan to turn their learning into action.


Before the program: Certain courses or programs may require pre-work.


During the program: Our training approach is to hold interactive sessions filled with activities, collaborative discussions, real-life practice, small group breakout sessions, individual project work allowing for immediate application of the learning. In specific courses participants can expect:

  • Real Skills for Success Courses are specific to the needs of the audience and are relevant to the world and people today.

  • Real Life Practicing Adult learners learn best when they can see how to apply the training. We don’t do role-playing, but we do real-life playing. We take real situations participants have experienced, will experience, or fear experiencing and practice together.

  • Real Time Coaching We have a cooperative approach to coaching participants so they can build their confidence in areas where they excel as well as area they can improve.


After the program: Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a personal learning action plan and, in some cases, receive a single complimentary coaching session.

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