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More Than Your Mindset Book available on Amazon

Do you wake up already tired, seeking energy to make it through the day? Do you find you are a victim to your thinking? Does the phrase 'misery loves company' describe who you spend the most time with? It's easy for any of us to feel stuck in life and develop a negative outlook.

We can become hostage to our thoughts. It doesn't matter where you are in life such as college or already retired, all of us need to reset our thinking at times. 

This book is filled with personal exercises and actionable techniques to help set you FREE from negativity. Karen uses the acronym FREE to cover four focus areas:

  • Formulate your thoughts: How to reprogram your self-talk and negative thinking.

  • Reinvent you: Understand your personal brand and determine how others perceive you.

  • Engage with others: How to connect with people and build genuine, authentic relationships.

  • Energize yourself: Tips for how to keep yourself motivated and energized.

More Than Your Mindset Book

You are more than your mindset. Are you ready to go on a self-discovery journey so you can live a more positive and energized life?

More than your mindset endorsements

“This book is like attending one of Karen’s workshops, from the comfort of your sofa or while relaxing at the beach. She combines real stories with prompts to understand yourself and a thoughtful guide on how to live a more mindful, purposeful, and rewarding life.” - Patti M. Seda, Executive Coach and Author, Discovering Job Joy, Your Guide to Stretching Without Snapping

“This is a powerful exploration of the inner workings of our thinking and its impact. This book is funny, charming, inspiring, loving, and immensely healing. Karen does an amazing job opening up about her own foibles and failings in her journey, and an even better job sharing how those lessons have made her stronger, more effective, and more able to serve the world around her. She walks us through patterns in our thinking that guide us in positive ways. She provides interactive tools and a set of guidelines that can impact relationships, careers, family, and more.” - Dr. Jennifer Murphy, DEL Author, The Art of Living Dangerously: The rebels guide to thriving in a world that expects you to conform

“More Than Your Mindset encourages readers to examine their mindsets and go on a personal journey of growth. Karen shares about herself in a vulnerable and authentic way so we can relate to her and understand how to apply the lessons provided. After reading this book you will be challenged to be a better version of yourself.”- Alan Werner, Vice President of Sales, Real Colors

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