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Reach Your Potential

Turn your learning into action.

Crescendo Leadership 

Crescendo means to grow in a gradual increase, to get bigger and better.  That's our approach - helping you grow within yourself and helping your team or organization achieve new heights. 

Our mission is grow people. With 25+ years experience in people development, we have customized solutions that unlock potential in individuals, teams, and organizations helping people communicate and engage better with others. 

If you are looking for personal or professional consulting, coaching or training to help you, your team, or your organization achieve potential, then explore our services.

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How we Can Help You


As a Certified Executive Coach, we offer personal one-on-one coaching for individuals who want to improve and grow their career, leadership, communication, and other professional skills. Together we will collaborate on your development as we help you turn your learning into action.


We don't believe in training programs people "sit" through so they can "check-the-box" for their development.  Our training sessions are interactive, thought provoking, and fun while sharpening participant skills. We use real-life examples to make the training more meaningful to the audience.


Karen uses personal stories and humor mixed with relevant topics to engage and motivate audiences. She captivates and creates an emotional connection so they will be challenged to think and act differently. She provides action-steps so people everywhere can apply their learning to their lives.

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