Leadership and Skills Training courses range from half-day sessions to two-day sessions.  The courses are customizable to fit your real-life situations, assessment results, your industry, your needs, and your culture.  Any of the can be stand-alone sessions or we will work with you to put together a learning track to close your leadership gaps for new leaders, mid-level leaders, or executive leadership.  Want to know more on how to build your succession planning and leadership bench strength?
Leadership and Professional Skills Training

Custom Program Development

Choose from more than 100+ titles for stand alone training or combine courses to create learning tracks.

  • Administrative Skills (11 courses)

  • Career Development (25 courses)

  • Human Resources (18 courses)

  • Personal Development (30 courses)

  • Sales & Marketing (13 courses)

  • Supervisors & Managers (39 courses)

  • Workplace Essentials (26 courses)

  • Microsoft Office Essentials (2007-2013 versions)


Workshops: REAL Colors®

  • Personality Instrument – helps you understand how you communicate and how you can approach others who are not like you!

  • Apply the styles and how you approach:

    • Real Issues

    • Real Stress

    • Real Teams

    • Real Leadership

Leadership Tracks

  • Customized training programs to address leaders at different skill levels in your organization:

    • New Leaders

    • Mid-level Leaders

    • Executive Leadership

Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Customizable program to help you identify and develop high potentials for future leadership roles.


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