Leadership and Skills Training courses range from half-day sessions to two-day sessions.  The courses are customizable to fit your real-life situations, assessment results, your industry, your needs, and your culture.  Any of the can be stand-alone sessions or we will work with you to put together a learning track to close your leadership gaps for new leaders, mid-level leaders, or executive leadership.  Want to know more on how to build your succession planning and leadership bench strength?
Leadership and Professional Skills Training

Reaching a Deal

Custom Program Development

Choose from more than 100+ titles for stand alone training or combine courses to create learning tracks.

  • Administrative Skills (11 courses)

  • Career Development (25 courses)

  • Human Resources (18 courses)

  • Personal Development (30 courses)

  • Sales & Marketing (13 courses)

  • Supervisors & Managers (39 courses)

  • Workplace Essentials (26 courses)

  • Microsoft Office Essentials (2007-2013 versions)

Business Meeting


Workshops: REAL Colors®

  • Personality Instrument – helps you understand how you communicate and how you can approach others who are not like you!

  • Apply the styles and how you approach:

    • Real Issues

    • Real Stress

    • Real Teams

    • Real Leadership

Talking Business

Leadership Tracks

  • Customized training programs to address leaders at different skill levels in your organization:

    • New Leaders

    • Mid-level Leaders

    • Executive Leadership


Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Customizable program to help you identify and develop high potentials for future leadership roles.